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California is a paradise with a thousand miles of cool, sandy beaches, 500 miles of stunning forests (including the giant redwoods - the biggest trees on Earth,) and Death Valley, where temperatues typically top 120 degrees in the summer months. Be a part of this spectacular journey!


Feedburner Turns 10

Are you feeling lucky? Google Feedburner has been lucky enough to stick around for 10 years, an eternity for a product with millions of users that isn't even mentioned on the company's history timeline ( Feedburner  is a web ...

Free to See Greenhouse Ev...

1. Carpinteria Greenhouse & Nursery Tour on March 29, 2014. It is a free farmer guided tours at 6 participating flower farms in Carpinteria. Myriad Flowers/Padaro Floral, Westland Orchids, Westerlay Orchids, Maximum Nursery, B&G Color ...

Contact in the Desert

Luminaries of esoteric, unexplained and anomalous phenomena are coming from around the world to Joshua Tree Retreat Center for a four day conference Aug. 8-11, 2014, called "Contact in the Desert". California is the epicenter of the odd, ...

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California Beaches Getting Early Start...

Published on: January 29, 2012
It's a good thing that swimsuit designers have unveiled their 2012 fashions and styles. The beaches have experienced a heat wave with temperatures in the 80s for this January 2012. And beach bunnies have already begun working on their tans in January. Can you imagine? What's in store in terms of fashion on the beaches this ...

Seeing San Francisco – Worth a R...

Published on: January 29, 2012
San Francisco is billed as the place to be romantically swept away, like some sweet, old-fashioned love song by Tony Bennett who sang, "I left my heart in San Francisco."  California's fourth largest city with its foggy mists and dreamlike landscapes can certainly be a place to feel love or even fall in love. But ...

Could Bullet Train Help Californians?

Published on: January 29, 2012
Photo: A conceptual drawing of the proposed high-speed bullet train between San Francisco, Fresno, Los Angeles & San Diego. San Francisco has BART (, Los Angeles has Metro (, San Diego has Coaster & Sprinter (, Sacramento has a regional light rail transit system (, and Fresno has Amtrak (   What if the biggest cities ...



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