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New Halloween Attraction at San Francisco Mint

Published on: August 11, 2018


Terror Vault debuts October 10-November 3, 2018 at San Francisco Mint. San Francisco is known for its haunted Alcatraz but an equally deserving structure is the setting for a scary adventure this Halloween.

The San Francisco Mint was opened in 1854 to serve the gold mines of the California Gold Rush as a branch of the United States Mint. Affectionately known as The Granite Lady, it is one of the few structures that survived the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Currently used as a venue for special events, the history swirling around this historic building is interesting enough.

But Terror Vault interactive attraction is expected to deliver a one-two punch of haunting chills in an authentic environment predating the opening of Alcatraz federal prison by 80 years! A combination of theater, haunted mazes, escape rooms, and special effects, Terror Vault, an interactive attraction, features some of the city’s top performers. . .and screamers. ¬†Thrill seekers¬†this Fall can discover the untold story and dark history of The San Francisco Mint when they descend into a dark, unforgettable journey. A liquor cash bar, unique games and scary entertainment make this newest Halloween attraction by the bay the must-see event serving age 21+ only.

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