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California is a paradise with a thousand miles of cool, sandy beaches, 500 miles of stunning forests (including the giant redwoods - the biggest trees on Earth,) and Death Valley, where temperatues typically top 120 degrees in the summer months. Be a part of this spectacular journey!


City or Not?

You've been to the city of San Pedro where the cruise ships leave Los Angeles harbor, right? Probably not. San Pedro isn't a city. It's a region within the City of Los Angeles. The same ...

Veteran’s Day Celeb...

Photos: Veteran's Day inaugural celebration at the USS Iowa berthed in Port of Los Angeles featured free admission to the historic military vessel, speeches, classic cars, bands performing and dignitaries.  See free stuff for military ...

Get Serious at Surf Festi...

If you see a toddler riding a surfboard while sucking on a baby bottle, don't be alarmed. It is just the surf culture, and it's a crack up!  From a guy reading his newspaper in a ...

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Halloween Candy and Effects of Sugar

Published on: October 31, 2011
When you or someone you know starts eating the candy this Halloween, you may spiral down into the holiday abyss that continues for 2 months until the new year begins. The premise of Halloween for kids is collecting candy. Every city in California celebrates Halloween (here are some cities and events) and it's a ...



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