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4th of July Another Day Working in Salt Mine for California Professional Eater

Published on: June 15, 2018


You’ve got to love Independence Day and all it represents as demonstrated by Bay Area eating champ, Joey Chestnut, who travels again from California to Coney Island, NY, for Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. He holds the World Record, and has placed in the top 2 eaters every year since 2006. His qualifying record of 73. 5 Nathan’s hot dogs in 10 minutes in 2016 has not been beat, though he came close last year when he scarfed down 72 dogs.

Broadcast live on ESPN in 2018, it’s expected that 2 million viewers will watch the showdown, in addition to 40,000 people who hold tickets to attend.

Some say it’s a freak show, but for Joey (whose last name is a food,) it’s a job. He holds 40 world eating records for pies, shrimp, tacos — you name it. And, he usually takes home the top cash prize.

Working in the salt mines has its ups and downs. For one, he consumes 1440% of daily recommended allowance of salt in 10 minutes at a hot dog competition. He also exceeds his daily fat allowance by a similar amount.

Secondly, we’ve seen Joey in action and he, like other eaters, have their moments when their eyes go wild, faces flush and they hold their gut, looking like they want to throw up. Doing so means sudden death (disqualification) as contestants are required to hold down what they consume. No hurling allowed!

So when someone picks on you for eating too much this 4th of July, you can tell them to go stuff it — like 72 hot dogs worth.

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