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California Piers are usually public piers open for your entertainment and free fishing opportunities. You must follow the normal fish & game guidelines. If you don't know about the rules, ask the bait & tackle shop where you rent a pole. Shops are located on the major piers or nearby. Our favorite piers are all of them. They range from concrete structures to wood, most often called wharfs when they have the wooden surface you can drive on in places such as Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara.  One of the most often asked questions is, "How many piers are there in California?" The answer depends on if you are referring to public piers, private piers or both.

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Pier Facts

Which pier is the longest? Which city has 3 piers?  How much do you know about California Piers? Here are some facts.

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List of California Piers often includes links to pages with information about them and some pictures to look at, too!

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This is a fairly new section so please stay tuned. You can check out what we have to date.

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Entertainment in California includes Concerts, Plays and Ballet.  Festivals, fairs, special events, weekly events, rodeos and holidays all offer things to do every weekend of the year.

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