Pacifica Pier, Pacifica California


Pacifica Pier 1,320 1973 Concrete - "1/4 mile" - a fishing pier - San Mateo County
Location: Beach Blvd. and Santa Rosa. Extends into the ocean from Sharp Park State Beach.

Pacifica, California--Pacifica Pier is located in San Mateo County, and is one of the last, long, classic, over-the-ocean fishing piers as you head north to the border of California and Oregon. It ranks as the 13th longest over ocean pier in California, and is certainly dwarfed by its near pier neighbor to the south, Santa Cruz Wharf, which ranks as the longest - 2,745 feet in length or just about double the length of the Pacifica Pier.

Pacifica Pier is an extremely popular fishing pier. The pier itself is rather simple as piers go. There are wash basins for cleaning fish, some benches, and not much else. Nevertheless, the pier is a public pier permitting free fishing without a license, which makes it busy most the day.

While fishing seems to be the numero uno activity on this pier, visitors certainly can take a stroll and get a perspective on the city and its hillside homes from the ocean looking inland. There are many great surfers in this region (San Mateo County is home to Mavericks) and the pier offers "out there" views of surfer dudes and femmes.

When you go, take a jacket. While you may find yourself visiting on one of those perfect, sunny days, Pacifica is known for its fog (they even have an annual Fog Fest) and the air can be quite cool.

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