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California wine-making is as old as the missions launched in the 1700s when Spanish padres came to convert the American West natives to their Christian religion, and have them serve their new nation.

They Spaniards brought root stocks for growing wine grapes, and the one thing they discovered that really turned out was the wine. The rich soil and climate along the California inland areas near the coast proved to be superb for wine grapes and wine making.

Today, California has hundreds of wineries in many wine growing regions. The oldest, most prominent include Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley and Central Valley. In addition, the Sierra Foothills has become a great location for launching your own wines, and in Southern California, Temecula Valley has won many prestigious awards for wines produced there.

One of the top type of events we receive and post about surrounds wine tasting and food. The grape stomp has become quite popular as well.

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