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Pacifica is the home of the Fog Festival, held each year around September. This bay area vacation destination in San Mateo County includes popular surfing spots, the Pacifica Pier where anglers can be seen fishing free nearly every day, and the beach with a name that is captivating--Rockaway.

Pacifica features hotels overlooking the Pacific Ocean, providing a beach vacation not far from San Francisco but world's apart in its feeling of open space. Known for its beaches and miles of stunning trails, Pacifica is the kind of place that defines beach casual. Be sure to take some comfortable shoes and explore the parks and trails that offer some of the best views in the Bay Area.

Located on a hilly portion of coast, Pacifica and Rockaway Beach are accessible by the coastal Highway 1, which sometimes includes challenging drives in rainy weather. Devil's Slide is one portion of the road heading into Pacifica from Half Moon Bay. You can guess why it is called Devil's Slide, so suffice to say you should just take your time and drive with caution as required.

When visiting you may want to bring some jackets and long pants. Even in the summer, the nights can creep up on you and feel quite chilly. You can see the San Francisco Bay from the beaches of Pacifica, and you can feel that same chill of cool night air that the Bay Area has a reputation for.

Many consider Pacifica the hidden gem of San Francisco region mainly because of its close proximity to the city minus that huge crowds that leave some tourists feeling a little overwhelmed.

Pacifica, Calif. Great Hideaway South of San Francisco

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