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San Mateo, Calif. --San Mateo County Fair in San Mateo is an event with an affordable price (around $10) and plenty to see and do. Plus, there's free entertainment to enjoy. Concert Series Concerts are free with Fair Admission, seating is not guaranteed.

Bragg, Terry Ellis, Dawn Robinson and Maxine Jones. Come celebrate with iconic En Vogue for a very special night of fan favorite songs. June 20 | 7:30pm Dia de la Feria Preciosa is a celebration of Spanish culture, entertainment and music with special appearances and performances from La Raza

The City of San Mateo is set between two dominant physical features, San Francisco Bay to the east and the ridge of hills along the City's western border. The significant natural resource areas in San Mateo are the Bay Shoreline, Marina Lagoon, Sugarloaf Mountain, San Mateo, Beresford, and Laurel creeks, and certain undeveloped private lands which provide open space and wildlife habitat.

San Mateo is a mostly built-out city. The majority of new development will consist primarily of infill, reuse, or redevelopment of existing developed sites.

The city limits of San Mateo include roughly 1,200 acres of bay waters and some three miles of shoreline. Most of the Bay frontage is owned by the City of San Mateo and the County of San Mateo, with some properties held in private ownership. The Bay Conservation and Development Commission has rated the San Mateo shoreline as "high" for value as waterfowl habitat. The largest tidal marsh area, and the City's most significant wetland, is the 50-acre Bay Marshes off shore in the southeast corner of the City adjacent to Foster City.

Marina Lagoon is 185 acres in size and approximately 4.5 miles long. While the lagoon primarily serves a flood control purpose, it also has recreational, aesthetic, and wildlife value. The lagoon includes a small (.4 acre) island at the mouth of the former Seal Slough which supports roosting, nesting, and feeding shorebirds and waterfowl. Like the Bay, Marina Lagoon receives urban runoff directly. The lagoon has been significantly affected in summer by algae blooms and aquatic weed growth caused by high nutrient levels.

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