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Foster City in Santa Mateo County is a unique, one-of-a-kind planned community, one of the first in the U.S., approx. 25 miles south of San Francisco and 30 miles north of San Jose along the San Francisco Peninsula. Literally an island built on landfill on the Bay, the engineering challenge of creating Foster City from the marshlands of Brewer's Island required enormous financial backing. T. Jack Foster put $4.7 million of his own finances into altering the desolate landscape of Brewer's Island two years before the first home was to be built in Foster City over 50 years ago around 1962. Irvine followed in the footsteps of Foster City's success. Planned cities are wholly conceived from the outset with a pre-determined threshold population level. In Foster City, the population is just under 30,000 and is expected to peak at 34,000, according to plans.

The lagoon with its 16.5 miles of drainage channels, and four traffic bridges spanning the lagoon, was made possible by a truly dramatic transformation --2.5 million yards of material were excavated to create the lagoon. For water inflow, three automatic gates bring in up to 71 million gallons per day from the Bay. The lagoon was created by design to serve as the main drainage area of the City during storms. Built for the 100 year flood concept, Foster City has not experienced floods when surrounding cities have in recent years.

There are two hotels where tourists can stay--Crowne Plaza and Courtyard--providing great accommodations should you decide to venture out from San Francisco Airport just 9 miles away to enjoy entertainment and see how the locals live. Among events are holiday celebrations, plays, concerts and ballet at the Hillbarn Theatre. Special events include the annual Polynesian Festival in May, and the Foster City Chamber of Commerce's Wine & Art Festival in June, as well as summer concerts along the lagoon.

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San Mateo County Werder Pier, Longest California Pier overlooks Foster City. Location: The Werder Fishing Pier is located along the Foster City shoreline, just south of the existing San Mateo/Hayward Bridge.

Foster City, California Concerts in the Park Series are performed in July and August in Foster City parks.

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