San Mateo's Werder Pier, Longest Pier in CA

Werder Pier is 30 feet wide and 4,055 feet long and extends into the deepwater shipping channel.

Location: The Werder Fishing Pier is located along the Foster City shoreline, just south of the existing San Mateo/Hayward Bridge, and can be accessed from Beach Park Boulevard.

San Mateo, Calif. --San Mateo Pier is the longest pier in California, though it sits closed and unused right now. The 4,000 foot long (5,280 feet equals 1 mile) cement structure runs parallel beneath the San Mateo/Hayward Bridge.

County of San Mateo purchased a 4,055 foot long trestle approach from the western shoreline out to where the first truss span of the bridge had been for a mere $10 in 1968, opening the road span as a public fishing bridge, to the delight of anglers. Agreement with California Transportation Department (CALTRANS) specified that the County was to maintain the easement, but CALTRANS could access and use it as needed to fix the bridge overhead. San Mateo County fulfilled a 25 year lease and operated it an additional 3 years till 1996 when the aging structure was considered a liability. Refurbishment funding wasn't set aside or identified, and the contract was over, so an assessment and feasibility studies took place to figure out if can ever be re-opened for fishing or some other use.

The 2004 survey expressed a strong desire to re-open the fishing pier in conjunction with the nearby Bay Trail, a public access, open space amenity. The cost estimates that year of fixing the area and building a public bathroom ranged form $3.2 million to $7.2 million. Contractual agreements between CALTRANS and San Mateo County have yet to materialize, though fishermen are longing to gain access to the once popular Werder Pier, a fisherman's Bay Area pier paradise!

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