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Irvine, California, home to some of the smartest people in the U.S., attributes part of its higher than average intelligence to the caliber of students and faculty at one of the top ranked research institutions, University of California Irvine (UCI).

Education is important in this city of over 200,000 residents, and if you don't believe it, just visit the UCI campus. While doing so, be sure to take in entertainment and events the campus hosts. From parades and fundraiser or awareness walks to fine arts (theater, dance and concerts) at The Barclay, there's always something going on at UC Irvine.

Entertainment: A passion for entertainment, fine arts, and fun extends throughout the city and can be seen at one of the city's shopping malls, Irvine Spectrum, where places The Improv offers top notch comedy acts.

Enterprise - The businesses and business campuses that surround John Wayne (Orange County's SNA) Airport attract travelers who need to visit clients or attend meetings and conferences. The high-tech industries, financial services and soft industries in Irvine are served through the business district and the Orange County Airport.

Irvine is a fantastic destination for those seeking affordable accommodations and a beach-close location. It is also the lay-over for many travelers. Irvine's hotels surround the airport, providing quality lodgings and a central location. To the south of the airport along the transportation corridor of San Diego Freeway (405 & 5 Freeways) you will discover Verizon Amphitheatre where top concerts are hosted, Wild Rivers water park for summertime splashing, and Irvine Spectrum mall and entertainment complex, owned and operated by the Irvine Company.

Known for its parks, focus on youth, education institutions and master-planned layout, Irvine is a unique and enjoyable destination providing great options for those who don't require lodgings right at Dinseyland and other Southern California attractions.

Where to eat:

The Cheesecake Factory 71 Fortune Dr.
Irvine, CA 92618

6ix Park Grill at Hyatt, Irvine

Things to do:

Pretend City - As a tourist destination, Irvine is creeping into the radar of guests, thanks to some new attractions such as the kid-friendly, amazing place called Pretend City. This museum opened in 2009 with a huge space and interesting concept. The pint-size rooms and activities mimic a city. Kids can clock in with pretend time clocks to work at the grocery store, or pretend they are buying groceries. There's a bank, restaurant with a little kitchen and counter, there are little cars to "pretend" drive, and there's an entire world made just for children. It really is awesome, and entertaining for adults to watch because of the incredible detail that has been added to each pretend area.

The Great Park - Includes a tethered hot air balloon ride available when winds and weather permit, and many events throughout the year. Cultural festivals have include Turkish Festival, a Japanase Festival and many more.

University of California Irvine - One of the premier institutions nationally for research into medical fields such as heart research, the campus spans several miles not far from the Newport Coast. The public enjoys campus events such as fundraiser walks and marathons, plus cultural activities, concerts, dance and performing arts at Barclay Theater.

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