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Garden Grove is named for the lush landscapes and orange groves that used to fill the air with a sweet fragrance each spring around February. Today Garden Grove is most associated with Disneyland and Crystal Cathedral.

As the gateway to Disneyland along Harbor Boulevard, Garden Grove got busy a decade ago when the city realized that it could capitalize on its location close to the growing theme parks. With cheaper available land hotels were build, providing similar rates, buses to the theme park so guests could save on parking, and value that isn't necessarily beyond the scope of a theme park trip. With hotel names that include "Disneyland" or "Anaheim" in them, yet not located in the theme park city, Garden Grove has grown its tax base and assets. The transformation into a modern city with amenities such as shopping, dining and hotels, has positioned it to continue on a positive path in the 21st century.


One of the most exciting cultural events in Garden Grove is the annual Tet Festival usually held in Garden Grove Park.

The city borders the largest Vietnamese community in the U.S., complete with an entire shopping district and shopping center called Asian Gardens Mall in Westminster. While the Tet Parade takes place on the streets of Westminster, the nearby park hosts the three-day weekend festival event.

The annual summer concerts in Garden Grove parks bring the best entertainment on cool summer nights, and best of all, it is totally free.

The biggest attraction in Garden Grove is the Crystal Cathedral church, a huge and magnificent glass structure with windows that open to the world. The Hour of Power has broadcast around the globe to millions on television. Founded by Robert Schuler as drive-in church in a parking lot, the congregation that sought positive and pragmatic messages grew continuously through the decades. Sports celebrities, renown musicians, actors and authors have all spoken at the church, which is open to the public daily for tours of the grounds and views inside the cathedral, itself. When you visit the church you may be surprised to see the diverse ethnic audiences that come to take photos of the "campus" which includes statues commemorating Biblical characters.

Events that gained popularity but were shelved during down economic times include the Glory of Easter pageant and Glory of Christmas. Both stage shows were huge productions requiring large casts, colorful costumes, theatrics such as angels flying through the air, and live animals on stage. In 2013 the Catholic Church officially took over operations after purchasing it from the former church owners. Address: 13280 Chapman Ave., Garden Grove, CA.

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