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Newport Coast might as well be called the Gold Coast. Located in the south part of the City of Newport Beach, the relatively new residences are luxury home living overlooking the ocean and spectacular beaches at Crystal Cove State Park & State Beach.

Lots of famous citizens reside within the gated communities of Newport Beach's Newport Coast, but you probably wouldn't get to see them wandering around that much unless you frequent the shopping center and restaurant where staff goes to pick up laundry or convenience items for the mini-mansions.

A luxury hotel launched at Newport Coast is called Pelican Hill Resort. Rooms and suites begin around $700 per night and go up. Built with investment money from one of OC's wealthiest men, Donald Bren, the clubhouse is said to have been redone at Bren's expense when it didn't meet his specifications. The glass walls overlooking the ocean were not a quality of manufactured glass to provide the clear vision and views Bren sought. Tilework also wasn't at his standard of excellence, so it was torn out and new tile installed.

Newport Coast is mostly set on hills above the see, and is quite unlike north Newport Beach beaches where the Newport peninsula and Balboa Island are flat, sandy spots attracting tourists who stay there, thanks to one of the most extensive selections of beach rental homes and cottages.

You won't find many rentals in Newport Coast. What you will find as a tourist is the beach...that is the main draw. And if you wish to stay there, a more affordable Marriott Newport Coast Villas is a great option for those seeking the creature comforts such as kitchens and living rooms during their travels. The beach charges fees to park, but if you park and walk through an underpass to Crystal Cove State Beach where Beachcomber Restaurants serves meals practically on the sand, you can validate your ticket and pay around $1.

Crystal Cove State Park is Picture Perfect for Gift Giving!

Historic Crystal Cove Tree Lighting Ceremony

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