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Newport Beach, California --Diverse & Devine

Newport Beach is the jewel of the California Coast! Its multitude of beaches, piers and islands are among our 3 favorite things to see. From its precious bays to Balboa Island with streets named after gemstones--Ruby, Opal, Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet, Topaz and Pearl, Newport is the treasure you'll discover when you visit and wander on foot. It's a walking town where the beachfront path goes on for well over a mile, and the Balboa Island bayfront path loops around the island past luxurious homes also for a mile or so.

Newport Beach gets its fame from all the wealthy people owning oceanfront mansions. Prices can range from a few million dollars upwards for the nicest "digs" in town. Drive down Coast Highway and pick up a new Maserati at Ferrari Newport Beach, then head across the street at Mariner's Mile to board your luxury yacht for the high seas.

But it's every man's beach city with hundreds of sand-drenched rental houses and units allowing tourists to live the good life for a week.

What's often overlooked is the city's largest employer--Hoag Hospital. Yep, it employs close to 5,000 doctors, surgeons, nurses and staff and ranks as one of the Top 10 hospitals in the U.S. How many hospitals feature private rooms, some with ocean views? While patients would prefer being tourists at the sandy beaches and piers they can see from their huge glass windows, the luxury vistas are as fine as any hotels and resorts to be had.

Two piers providing double pleasure for strolling, free pier fishing and dining are the Newport Pier and Balboa Pier, an anchor to Balboa Village. Another landmark is historic Balboa Pavilion, a signature building you can't miss. At the base of the Pavilion and surrounding it are boat docks for pleasure craft  rentals, rides to Catalina Island, whale watching, bay tours, and daily sportfishing outings.

When you go: Stay at a great beach hotel, Balboa Inn, or inland at other hotels. And be sure to book your Catalina Island Boat Tour, or a wonderful Hornblower Dining Cruise.

Beautiful beaches in Newport Beach include the main beaches of Balboa Peninsula, Corona del Mar State Beach and Crystal Cove State Beach, plus the narrow beaches surrounding Balboa Island!

Dining includes the original Ruby's Diner on the Balboa Pier and hundreds of gourmet to grub restaurants and burger stands.

Things to see: There are many things to see and do in Newport Beach. Beaches are one of the top attractions offering sunbathing, swimming, surfing, bodyboarding and even tidepools to check out at low tide. Boating, bays, museums, art, shopping and dining are just scratch the surface of exploring Orange County's beloved Newport Beach.

Tip: Fashion Island Shopping Center is one of the most scenic outdoor malls in America. As you ride the elevator stairs ine facing Coast Highway you look out at forever ocean views. Ahhhhh!

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Newport Beach Photo Gallery features beach pictures at some of our favorite scenic haunts.

Newport Beach beaches are the top summer draw. Because of the landforms that separate the city's coastal communities, you'll discover distinctly different beach experiences on Newport Peninsula, Corona del Mar and Crystal Cove beaches.

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