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Newport Beach Ferrari, Maserati

Newport Beach is home to luxury homes, luxury bars, and luxury cars. The Ferrari car dealer on Pacific Coast Highway aptly called Ferrari Newport Beach sells all the fine models that those willing to spend more can obtain and drive off the lot.

We've included the photo not for the fact that this car dealer exists but for the sign next to the car lot. It mentions that this is a bike route where even paupers can ride and enjoy the same roads and views.

Pacific Coast Highway is one of the major routes for bike riders out for a long-distance ride or commuting to and from work. The highway is not without its dangers for bicycle riders, or car drivers, for that matter.

When driving the coast either on a bike or in your personal Ferrari, drive with caution and watch for bikes or vehicles beside you. Both share the road and though one costs only $200 and the other $200,000, both carry precious cargo.

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