Newport Beach Bicycling in California


Newport Beach, home to luxury homes, luxury bars, and luxury cars, also is a popular bike thoroughfare for both those taking pleasure rides, distance rides for competitions, going to and from work, or getting exercise.

When riding along Pacific Coast Highway on a bicycle as shown in the photo, there is a bike lane, though it often narrows around in the stretch of highway known as Mariner's Mile. Thousands of bicycles pass through this area on a daily basis, however, and automobile drivers should stay on their toes when driving along this road.

Gentler paths in Newport Beach are located along the oceanfront strand. Your can ride for several miles from one tip of the Newport / Balboa Peninsula to its end at The Wedge, known for its monster waves.

Many cyclist connect to Coast Highway from the peninsula via the scenic Balboa Ferry which accommodates bikes. A small fee is charged for riding with it on the ferry, which also can handle 3 cars at a time.

You are not allowed to ride on the sidewalks of Bayfront on Balboa Island, however. You must stay on the island roads and streets. You can get from the island to Pacific Coast Highway at Jamboree via Marine Ave. Another scenic options for bike riding is to ride along Corona del Mar streets that traverse but mostly are parallel to the ocean and coast.


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