6ix Park Grill Hyatt Regency Irvine CA Restaurant


Irvine, California dining is one of its highlights. With an urban audience of locals in high-tech industries and fields, and business people who fly into Orange County Airport literally right next door to Irvine, the cuisine is not going to disappoint, especially when you know where to eat.

One restaurant that consistently has provided quality meals, appetizers and entrees, and is extremely popular because of its offerings is 6ix Park Grill, a casually elegant restaurant at Hyatt Regency Irvine (hotel).

Shown in the photo is a delightful chicken entree surround by a bed of mixed green, sprinkled with some bleu cheese, accented with some sweet dices things such as tomato, corn and papaya and tossed with a vinaigrette.

The Petaluma chicken breast comes in a generous proportion, grilled over an open flame and accented with mushrooms and madeira sauce.

The salads are enticing with elegant presentations, the meats are top quality ranging from pomegranate pacific salmon with jasmine rice and papaya relish; baja sea scallops with mushroom risotto, asparagus, raspberry vinaigrette; prime flat iron steak with dijon-dill remoulade;  stuffed pork chop roasted apple, walnuts, and filet mignon with asparagus, to name a few. Of course the menu changes so these items are a sampling offered when we looked.


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