California Piers

California Pier Facts and Figures


California Public Piers provide sources of entertainment, and some fantastic laws were created to assure the public can always fish for free on California's public piers. They are made of concrete or wood in most cases, with varying lengths and amenities. You can drive cars onto several piers and wharfs, but most don't allow it. 

There are many restaurants on the public piers and the views at these dining spots are some of the finest. Go check out a pier. You won't regret it.


Name: Length in Feet: Year Built: Construction Materials: County

1. Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf 2,745 feet in length. Built in 1914 Wooden - Longest wooden pier in CA Longest Pacific Ocean Pier of any type, Santa Cruz County

2. Ocean Beach Pier, San Diego 1,971 1966 Concrete - Longest in Southern California - San Diego County

3. Stearn's Wharf, Santa Barbara 1,950 1872 Wooden - Santa Barbara County

4. Oceanside Pier 1,942 1987 Wooden - San Diego County

5. Huntington Beach Pier 1,856 1992 Concrete - Orange County

6. Seal Beach Pier 1,835 1995 Wooden - Orange County

7. Avila Beach Pier 1,685  Wooden - San Luis Obispo County

8. Ventura County Pier 1,620 1996 Wooden, with new steel pilings, originally 1,958 feet long

9. Imperial Beach Pier 1,491 1963 Concrete - San Diego County

10. Goleta Pier 1,450 Wooden - Santa Barbara County

Additional Piers by name, length in feet, type of pier and County

Port Hueneme Pier 1,400 1999 Wooden - Ventura County

Newport Beach Pier 1,322  Wooden - Orange County

Pacifica Pier 1,320 1973 Concrete - "1/4 mile" - a fishing pier - San Mateo County

Port San Luis Pier, San Luis Obispo 1,320 Wooden - San Luis Obispo County

San Clemente Pier 1,296 1985 Wooden - Orange County

Pismo Beach Pier 1,250 1986 Wooden - San Luis Obispo County

Cabrillo Pier, San Pedro 1,200 1988 Concrete - Los Angeles County

Santa Monica Pier 1,080 1988 Wooden, with new steel pilings - Los Angeles County

Hermosa Beach Pier 1,000 1914 Concrete - Los Angeles County

Cayucos Pier, Morro Bay 953  Wooden - San Luis Obispo County

Manhattan Beach Pier 928 1920 Concrete - Los Angeles County

Balboa Pier, Newport Beach 920 1906 Wooden - Orange County

B Street Pier, Crescent City 900 Wooden - Del Norte County

Crystal Pier, San Diego 872 1936 Wooden - cabins to sleep in over the water - San Diego County

San Simeon Pier 850 1983 Wooden - San Luis Obispo County

Malibu Pier 780 2003 Wooden - Los Angeles County

Point Arena Pier 330 1984 Concrete and steel - Wood pier destroyed 1983 S


LONGEST PIER- San Mateo Werder Pier (old bridge) 4,135   1972 Concrete - Primarily a fishing pier but is not open currently. In San Francisco Bay - NOT in the Pacific Ocean

2nd LONGEST PIER - Berkeley Pier 3,000 1926 Concrete - the pier is actually much longer. Primarily a fishing pier. In San Francisco Bay - NOT in the Pacific Ocean Berkeley Fishing Pier: City of Berkeley. Highway 80 to University Avenue off-ramp, follow the signs to the Berkeley Marina. The pier is at the foot of University Avenue, just past the bait shop and Marina.

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