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Venice Pier, Washington Blvd. and Ocean Walk Front (Boardwalk), Venice, CA 90291. Pier is open daily.

Venice once had 3 piers. The current Venice Pier was one of three piers in Venice Beach, California, and a more amazing amusement destination than today's Santa Monica with its pleasure pier, called Pacific Pier. Three piers were built during the time that builders had to convince people to move to the beach. Like its neighbor to the south (Naples, a neighborhood of Long Beach), Venice was designed with pleasure in mind. It was supposed to be like an Italian city with canals, gondolas, hotels, amusements and joy.

Venice Pier, the 1,310 foot wonder that's survived storms, weathering and a few earthquakes during its current lifespan (built in 1997), was reopened in 2006 after yet another devastating blow had closed it due to structural compromise.

Venice Pier in California is one of over 30 municipal and regional fishing piers that visitors can enjoy strolling and fishing for free. Within view of the pier is Santa Monica Pier to the north. A public parking lot next to the pier that charges a flat rate, street parking throughout the neighborhoods and blocks away are your options in this area. On clear days you can gaze at and enjoy the stunning Santa Monica mountains. Closer and in view are surfers surrounding the pier on their surfboards, waiting for the next great ride.

When say "Venice Pier," you need to differentiate which one you are referring to. Florida has a Venice Pier approx. half the length of the L.A. version. Anglers like to fish on it, as well.

People love fishing in L.A. You don't have to know what you are doing, and you don't have to catch anything. But you do have to maintain an attitude that being outdoors in the Southern California weather is just fine. The Venice Pier actually provides areas that wheelchairs can pull up comfortably to fish, in fact.

For a day of piers, check out Venice Pier, Santa Monica Pier and Malibu Pier. The Santa Monica Pier has several restaurants where you can grab a sit-down, ocean view meal.

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