Oceanside Pier Picture Shows Dining Underneath


Oceanside, Calif.--The third longest Pacific Ocean (versus an inland bay) pier in California, Oceanside Pier, rekindles the era of California history when things were built in a grand way. Today's piers are fairly functional looking and generally lack architectural grace. Often taking on the look of huge concrete slabs, or stilts with planks, Oceanside Pier is artful and feels good to visit, even underneath it.

How many piers can you actually sit UNDER and enjoy? Not too many. Oceanside Pier is like a city of walkways with ramps and stairs leading to the actual pier. Large enough to support a McDonalds (or whatever the current restaurant under the pier may be), lush lawns with picnic tables under the pier provide shade, paved beach paths, and a stream of bicycle riders, joggers, people strolling, and a place with its very own comfortable space, all underneath the pier.

Some parking spaces next to the pier offer limited opportunities for easy access when spots are available.

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