Seal Beach Pier Captain T Le Boat Shuttle


Seal Beach Pier serves many pleasure functions and at one time event provided charter fishing service. That has ended, and you can take a fishing trip less than a mile away at Alamitos Landing in Long Beach.

The Seal Beach Pier does continue to be a shuttle pick up and drop off point for several vessels, however. The boats take workers to and from the offshore oil platforms nearby.

One of the mainstay boats has been a vessel called Capt. T. Le. Its hull is normally painted bright red while the upper portion of the boat is traditional white.

The captain of the boat must be skilled at running the engine and holding the boat in waiting pattern while workers jump from a ramp or onto it at the pier. The ramp drops down with a special remote motor launching it from the ship. The captain never ties up to the pier. Making several trips daily back and forth from the platforms, people of all ages standing on the Seal Beach Pier love to watch the big boat arrive and depart. They also like to watch the workers jump on and off.

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