Pismo Beach Pier Souvenirs


Pismo Beach, California is known for its pier, its sand dunes, and its beach hotels. One of the hot spots on the Pismo Beach Pier is the souvenir shop.

With more necklaces and gifts than food, the pier concession operator focuses on higher profit items, including bat, tackle, rod & reel rentals.

A neatly painted kiosk with open windows and drop down doors on hinges that close at night are efficient in this self-contained gift store where guests can stand and look at the wares at eye level.

Among the offerings are the ever popular, timeless puka shell necklaces that come with dangling charms and ornaments. Beads of blue, pink, green, or beige, a cross tied with a leather string, postcards, earrings and plastic toys are the main items you might find.

The food menu is simple--hot chocolate, coffee, soda, water, coke, hot tea are some beverages.

Food--pickles, popcorn, candy, cotton candy and peanuts are the popular items. If you are hungry for a meal, be sure to check out the restaurants near the pier. The Splash Cafe is one of the most popular and is known for its clam chowder.

But the biggest selection of anything seems to be the fish bait. You usually can purchase shrimp, mussel, mackerel, squid, anchovy and clam. Rods & reels rent by the hour, all day and all night.

The business has been on the pier for years and what it lacks in innovation and marketing, it makes up for in convenience.

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