Seal Beach Pier Fishing is Fine


Seal Beach Pier is one of the most popular Southern California piers for fishing. On a good day the fishing are popping out of the water and people are catching them left & right.

Fishing on Seal Beach Pier is free, as is fishing on all California public piers. You don't need a license to fish on California's public piers, though fish regulations as to size and type of fish you may keep apply.

There is no bait & tackle shop on the pier though there are several places you can purchase bait. One is just across the street at the Seal Beach Liquor Store (subject to change). About a mile away on Pacific Coast Highway there is a fishing store selling rods, reels, bait and tackle gear.

Things caught at the Seal Beach Pier include stingrays (nearby "Ray Bay" in Seal Beach is known as a warm water spot stingrays frequent,) small sharks, corbina, perch, halibut and a variety of fish seasonally.

Once a year a fishing derby is held for children on the Seal Beach Pier. The kids are taught how to bait their lines, cast a line safely from the pier and observe the tap-tap of a fish biting, then pull in the fish.

There are fishing wash sinks on the Seal Beach Pier, benches to sit, and many anglers bring their own food and comfortable lawn chairs to enjoy the day in their own special way.

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