Port Hueneme Pier, Port Hueneme, Calif.


Port Hueneme Pier is one of two piers in Ventura County.

Port Hueneme Pier is 1,400 feet long, was constructed and was built in 1999 as a wooden pier. Ideal for free Pacific Ocean fishing, it also offers a great place to stroll and watch the busy sea, much like the Seal Beach Pier approx. 80 miles south in Orange County. Both Piers look toward the ocean with busy ports to their north, both piers also are located to military bases, and both overlooking a portion of the Channel Island.

Port Hueneme Pier is located in along a promenade with a monument sculpture dedicated to passengers and crew of a flight that crashed in the Pacific Ocean, killing everyone on board.

When you go, the weather in Port Hueneme and on the pier is usually sunny & nice, though there's often a Pacific Ocean breeze make for a cooling effect. Be sure to take a jacket, even in the summer months as it may come in handy.

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