Port Hueneme, California Weather


Port Hueneme weather is ideal. Sunny & bright, the average daytime temperatures are absolutely perfect, and rainfall is minimal your visit to Ventura County will provide good times.

With the lowest average temperature in the coldest winter months dropping to around 45 degrees, and the highest summer temps hitting a delightful 74, you may think you found paradise. Port Hueneme climate is kind of a hidden secret but locals absolutely love their weather. Rainfall on average is minimal from May through October, though other months shouldn't provide great concern if you are thinking of traveling to Port Hueneme.

Port Hueneme is located along the Pacific Ocean north of Los Angeles County in an area considered the borderline between Southern California and Central California. The cooler temps experienced in Port Hueneme are typical of the Central Coast and a weather condition of cooler air provided by chilly Alaskan  Ocean currents that subside around Point Conception nearby.

When you go, dress in layers and be sure to take a jacket. Even the warmest summer days experience a breeze on Port Hueneme PierAnd see a drop in temperature at night to the 50s and 60s.


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