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Beach Offers Respite from Heat

Published on: April 25, 2020


I moved to Huntington Beach decades ago and fought hard to stay there. Jobs took us to the Bay Area for a time, but we managed to get back to the beach, to family and friends, and the lifestyle we loved.

Daytime drives to the Huntington Beach Pier¬†for a burger & soda at Ruby’s or fancier meal at Duke’s, evening exercise & strolls with friends on the cement path, and attendance at festivals such as 4th of July have been like medicine to calm the nerves and set everything right in a stressful world.

When Southern California gets hot the beaches are one of the best places to go and cool down–especially if you live inland in counties such as Riverside and San Bernardino. This weekend is one of those times.

During the COVID-19 closures Huntington Beach is one of the few spots that people actually can go to stay cool. However, the parking lots and metered beach parking spaces are off limits, which is forcing visitors to find parking spaces in residential neighborhoods running along Pacific Coast Highway.

While comments to our website in the past month have been mixed (some think everyone in California should stay indoors, but the majority emailing us say their liberties are being trampled on and the closures should end,) Huntington Beach has opted to keep their 9.3 miles of beaches open. Los Angeles County beaches, Laguna Beach, San Clemente (no stopping on the beach) and other Southern California beaches have issued closures.

Huntington Beach offers such a huge expanse of sand that guests can safely keep their distance and enjoy the fresh air and healthy sunshine on this hot summer weekend. Parking will limit how many can actually get to the beach and walk the distance. It’s important, however, that people have an option and place to stay cool so they don’t overheat. We’re grateful to live near the beach, and glad that it offers respite for visitors during stressful times.

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