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Calexico Mariachi Festival

Published on: May 13, 2013


Photos: bottom, then clockwise: Mariachi Acero del Valle; Calexico sign; Special Appearance by Oscar Cruz -winner of La Voz Mexico Season 1; Latin Fuze band; and Andrea Cervantes -Senorita Mariachi Festival 2013.

This is a big week for Calexico, California. It’s possibly the biggest week of the year, in fact. When the mariachis roll into town, the city whose name was created by combining California and Mexico into one word,  celebrates music popular in Hispanic culture. 97% of the city’s population is Hispanic in a border town next to Baja, and a form of music that came from Mexico continues to grow in popularity on the north side of the border.  If you miss this mariachi festival and didn’t catch last weekend’s Mission San Juan Capistrano Mariachi Showdown,  there are some great mariachi concerts around California to check out, including the spectacular Mariachi Divas!

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