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California Trivia – What is the State Flower, How Many Counties are There…?

Published on: January 22, 2012

You don’t have to be FROM California to know a little about the place. California became the 31st state in the Union, though things could have played out differently if Mexico had been a stronger force in the battle to keep the valuable lands once in control of that country. Today, California and Mexico share a border and the U.S. portion of California is known as “alta” or upper California while Mexico’s portion is “baja” or lower California. The Tijuana border crossing at San Diego County line is the busiest border crossing in the world.

Here are 7 questions to test your knowledge about  California (scroll down for answers):

  • A. How many counties are in California?
  1. 120
  2. 36
  3. 58
  • B. When was California declared a state?
  1. 1949
  2. 1901
  3. 1850
  • C. What is the state flower?
  1. Lilac
  2. Poppy
  3. Goldenrod
  • D. What animal is on the state flag?
  1. Bear
  2. Dog
  3. Mule
  • E.  The population of California is approximately how many people:
  1. 5 Million
  2. 40 Million
  3. Half a Billion
  • F.   Who is the Governor of California?
  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. Gray Davis
  3. Jerry Brown
  • G.  Where is the State Capitol?
  1. San Francisco
  2. Sacramento
  3. Oakland







  • A.  58
  • B. 1850
  • C.  Poppy
  • D.  Bear
  • E.  40 million
  • F.  Jerry Brown
  • G.  Sacramento

If you scored 5 out of 7 or higher, that’s great! If you got 4, that’s OK. If you got 3 answers or less then you know the “bear” minimum facts.

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