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California Apple Mania for Fun and Good Health

Published on: August 12, 2019


While studies show differing results in health benefits of eating an apple a day, Cornell University’s Food Science and Toxicology Department in Ithaca, N.Y., published a study finding that antioxidant properties of one fresh apple were equal to 1,500 milligrams of vitamin C. Other possible health benefits found in this study were decreased liver cancer and colon cancer cell growth (between 29%-50% decrease.) Eating the skin of the apple appeared to offer greater benefit than a peeled apple.

We planted an apple tree in our Southern California yard about five years ago. ¬†For several years there was barely an apple to be had. The few apples on the tree were usually eaten by scavenger rats, o’possum and skunks before we had a chance!

This summer I picked over 40 apples, though most were so small you wouldn’t buy them in a market. I left them on a table outdoors to ripen for several weeks and was about to toss them when I suddenly got inspiration to bake an apple pie. It took over an hour to peel them (quite labor intensive,) but the feedback on the pie was overwhelmingly-positive.

California’s apple shipping season lasts from July to December, and the festival season gets into full swing mid-August through November.

California Apple Festivals

Events and dates are subject to change*

SEBASTOPOL: Gravenstein Apple Fair August 17-19, 2019

AVILA BEACH: Apple Festival August 24

HAYWARD: Garin Apple Festival September 7

BOONVILLE: Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show September 13-15

APPLE HILL: Johnny Appleseed Day September 22

MANTON: Apple Festival October 5

FORTUNA: Apple Harvest Festival October 5-6

McCLOUD: Apple Harvest Festival October 12

TEHACHAPI: Apple Festival October 12-13

PARADISE: Johnny Appleseed Days Festival October 5-6

SPRINGVILLE: Springville Apple Festival October 19-20

FOREST CITY: Apple Harvest Celebration October 20


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