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Island Love, Aloha Spirit in California

Published on: April 23, 2018


Who doesn’t love Polynesian culture, especially in California where people from many Pacific islands live? Polynesia is characterized by land spread over a very large portion of the mid and southern Pacific Ocean, so California’s festivals and events produced by people originating from these regions may focus on one specific group, but often include a variety of Polynesian cultures. Many of the festivals their clubs and non-profit organizations host are free admission, and include tropical music, dance competitions with exotic & colorful costumes, and vendors selling tasty foods & beverages in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It almost sounds too good to be true but the aloha spirit is alive and well in California.

Polynesian Festivals & Events

Dates are subject to change

May 2018

  • SANTA CLARITA: Santa Clarita Valley Pacific Islander Festival May 5-6
  • FOSTER CITY: Polynesian Festival May 5
  • SAN DIEGO: San Diego Ho’olaule’a May 5-6
  • PLEASANTON: Hawaiian May Day Festival May 12-13
  • SANTA FE SPRINGS: Heritage of Aloha Festival May 19-20

June 2018

  • LONG BEACH: Pacific Islander Festival June 2-3
  • SAN FRANCISCO: Aloha Poly Fest June 23
  • NORWALK: Southern California Hura Tahiti Tahitian Dance Competition June 29-30

July 2018

  • LAWNDALE: Alondra Park Ho’olaule’a, July 21-22

August 2018

  • SAN DIEGO: Heiva San Diego-Solo Ori Tahiti Dance Competition August 11-12
  • SAN MATEO: San Francisco Bay Area Aloha Festival August 11-12
  • ELK GROVE: Heiva Ma’ohi O’ Patitifa August 18-19
  • LONG BEACH: Tiki Beach Festival August 18-19
  • SANTA CRUZ Aloha Races and Polynesian Festival August 19
  • ROHNERT PARK: Pacific Islanders Festival August 25
  • LONG BEACH: Weekend in Polynesia August 25-26


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