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Green Scene: California Lettuce

Published on: March 22, 2016


Name that lettuce!  Pictured: Iceberg, Butterhead Boston, Green Leaf, Romaine, Red Leaf, Butterhead – Bibb, and Oak Leaf lettuce

Lettuce is not ranked among the top 2016 food trends according to a survey by the National Restaurant Association but you’ll find it at McDonald’s, in school salad bars as a healthy choice, and a course option or entree at most restaurants. Food trends come and go but lettuce, which has been cultivated for at least 4,500 years and made its way to the United States thanks to Christopher Columbus, remains a Top 6 Crop in California.

California lettuce scene is green

  • Lettuce grows year-round in California
  • 70% of the state’s crop is grown in Monterey County
  • Lettuce is the #6 ranked commodity under milk, almonds, grapes, cattle and strawberries
  • Lettuce is worth more than $2 billion to the California economy
  • California is the #1 grower of lettuce in the nation
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