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Cell Tech, Some Things Never Change

Published on: December 02, 2012

Back in the 80s when companies with names such as “PacTel Mobile Access” rolled out the cell phone for the very first time in their new offices in Costa Mesa, people who owned one had to lug around a huge metal box and telephone hand set to speak to someone. To say that it was clunky was an understatement. It didn’t even look very cool, but still, the concept was novel, and people fell in love with the technology. We’ve come a long way, baby…or have we? Oddly, the cell towers that were first installed to create the wireless network looked practically identical to the towers you’ll see today. You would think that something so cool as an Iphone 5 with a 4 inch retina display that can pretty much sing and dance, would likewise share more elegant solutions to communications and data transmissions than use of clunky cell towers painted to look like fake palms and evergreen trees. Over 30 years have rolled by since that first consumer cell phone was sold with the capability to do just one thing- talk! The phone is smarter, smaller and sleeker now…but without those monstrous cell towers you wouldn’t be able to use it. For now, some things don’t change. Are you looking to buy your dream phone for Christmas or gift one to another person? Prices start at around $329 for an Ipad, $299 for an Ipod Touch, and Iphone 5 starts at around $199.

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