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Chocolate Love Affair

Published on: January 10, 2019


There’s a reason chocolate goes so well with certain types of liquors — namely the fact that the process of making chocolate from cocoa beans requires liquefying the the cocoa mass by heating it into what’s called chocolate liquor.

Chocolate is often paired with wines in California, but for many of us chocolate is fine anywhere, anytime. While Americans typically rank 8th in chocolate consumption worldwide eating less than 10 pounds annually compared to the #1 ranked Swiss who consume closer to 20 pounds per person, Californians possibly tips the scale with their passions for pairings.

Valentine’s Day is coming up on February 14th and one of the top gifts associated with this holiday is chocolate, of course. For chocolate lovers, it’s time to get into the spirit and start planning your chocolate experience.

California Chocolate Festivals & Events

  • SAN FRANCISCO: Elevate Chocolate January 12, 2019
  • LOS ANGELES: Wine, Cheese & Chocolate January 19, 2019. Additional dates: Feb.9,10,14,15,16,17 & Mar.9, 2019
  • SACRAMENTO: Sacramento Chocolate Salon January 27
  • BENICIA: Wine & Chocolate Walk February 2
  • KELSEYVILLE: Wine & Chocolate Festival February 2
  • REDDING: Turtle Bay Exploration Park Chocolate After Dark: A Wine and Chocolate Experience February 8
  • BELMONT SHORE: Chocolate Festival February 9
  • CLARKSBURG: Port, Wine & Chocolate Lover’s Weekend February 9-10
  • ESCONDIDO: For the Love of Chocolate Festival February 9
  • FRESNO COUNTY: Wine and Chocolate Lovers Weekend February 9-10
  • LODI: Wine and Chocolate February 9-10
  • MADERA: Wine & Chocolate Weekend February 9-10
  • MARTINEZ: Wine & Chocolate Stroll February 9
  • TEMECULA: Pechanga Wine & Chocolate Festival March 1-2
  • SAN FRANCISCO – Chocolate Salon March 30
  • NAPA: Napa Chocolate & Wine Festival March 24
  • SAN DIEGO: Maritime Museum Chocolate Festival April 29
  • SAN MATEO: International Chocolate Festival April 21
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