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Corning Ambassador David Harter Makes People Smile

Published on: June 22, 2012

Pictured left: American flag-waving patriots you’ll see in Corning, California.  Right: David Harter during his career as a popular singer/guitarist and member of bands Crystal Ship, Gypsy Moth & Night Flight.

David Louis Harter has a talent for making people smile. He’s been delivering smiles  & laughter for years, both as an entertainer and photographer.  Now capturing life in a place near & dear to his heart–Corning, Calif., he says he fell in love with the sometimes wacky, but ever charming Northern California city since his parents moved there when he was five. He attended Corning High School from 1958 to 1962 but left for college  (California State University – Chico,)  jobs and travel, performing in several bands. He met popular success as a musician and his group nearly got that big break everyone hopes for. They came so close…

Harter began taking pictures of other musical acts and was well known for his photos that appeared in Rolling Stone, among many publications. He realized that he could make people smile in front of the camera AND behind it. When he decided to move back to Corning in 1992, he knew he could also make people smile by fixing their computers and technical issues. Launching California Technologies, he works as in independent IT, web designer/builder, photographer and also provides marketing assistance to individuals and companies.

“I have always liked life in this small community, and I have never regretted returning here,” he says.  “Corning is a very friendly city. Traffic is minimal, and crime is very low.” He says the proximity to excellent sports and recreation is an attraction. “Within minutes, one can easily go from the Sacramento River—with excellent fishing and recreation—to snow-covered mountains, etc. This is a beautiful area.”

Embracing small town life, you’ll find David’s documentation of Corning on his incredible website, From parades to picnics and everything in between, the guy who never seems to age, has captured the essence of a place and what makes life in Northern California so great. Receiving emails from people around the globe, one fan of his work happened upon his website while researching olives 12 years ago. Laura contacted him to compliment him on his photographs and her email led to a relationship that quickly blossomed and developed into a happy marriage between the Corning bachelor and a woman who made him smile.

Harter invites you to explore its charms through the photos he’s taken of people, events, and nature on his website he provides as a community service. Viewed by millions around the globe, this friendly ambassador has not only helped put Corning on the map, but has brought smiles to those who see his heart-warming and fun images. See:

David Louis Harter
California Technologies
1315 Solano Street, Suite A
Corning, CA 96021

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