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Published on: March 23, 2020


At there’s not much to share with readers when everything’s shut down. California declared a state of emergency on March 4, and Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered all residents in the state to stay at home on March 19. Closures have included schools, businesses, restaurants, museums, churches, gym clubs, festivals and events (pictured).

The COVID-19 coronavirus tally in California (population around 40 million) was last reported on March 22, 2020 as: 1,808 cases, 35 deaths.

The deaths: Grand Princess cruise ship  passenger, Diamond Princess cruise ship passengers and evacuees from Wuhan.

By comparison, California experiences an average of 10 traffic accident fatalities per day or 3,885 per year.

Here are the top causes and annual number of deaths in California

1. Heart Disease 63,000  (172/day)
2. Cancer 160,000 annual deaths (164/day)
3. Stroke 16,355
4. Alzheimer’s Disease 16,238
5. Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases 13,881
6. Accidents 13,840
7. Diabetes 9,595
8. Influenza/Pneumonia 6,340
9. Hypertension 5,596
10. Chronic Liver Disease/Cirrhosis 5,325

Firearm Deaths 3,184
Homicide 2,022
Drug Overdose Deaths 4,868

Currently the California deaths from coronavirus average around 1 per day. While you’re much more likely to die of heart disease, cancer and dozens of other causes, this interlude to life’s routines is a great time to take stock of your health. Stay calm, eat well and exercise–buy a treadmill if you need to stay indoors.


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