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Disney Stars Check Out CHILL at Queen Mary

Published on: November 17, 2012

What are you doing this weekend? If you’re popular actors in Disney’s A.N.T. Farm tv series, you’d be chillin’. Sierra McCormick, Aiden Mincks, and Allie DeBerry (wears scarf in photos) explored CHILL during the grand opening of California’s hottest holiday attraction in Long Beach.

  • 15-year old Sierra McCormick, who plays human computer Olive Doyle in the Disney series,  was wowed by the Ice Slide, and wanted to take another ride.
  • Quirky Aiden Mincks who began acting at the age of 6, appearing in Desperate Housewives as well as his current role as Angus on the Disney production, was enamored with the replica Queen Mary ice ship in Ice Kingdom.
  • Gorgeous 18-year old actress Allie Deberry, who began modeling at the age of 4 and appears in a recurring role as Paisley Houndstooth on A.N.T. Farm, liked seeing the variety of entertainment at CHILL–ice skating, bands playing, meeting Santa, and adorable kids.

This new attraction is simply amazing. I’m taking my parents to see the Ice Kingdom where it’s 9 degrees and they issue you parkas so you don’t freeze!  I’m lucky to live nearby but if I didn’t, I would definitely fly into Long Beach Airport on Jet Blue, book a hotel room at Queen Mary,  and spend some time chillin’.   You can check out prices, hours, hotel availability, etc. at

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