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Flight Museums in California Filled With Innovations and Curiosities

Published on: July 29, 2012

Photos left to right: Western Flight Museum in Torrance; Flight Path Learning Center Museum in Los Angeles; Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos

Flight museums offer glimpses into America’s history and the history of flying. It wasn’t THAT long ago that there were no planes, no jets, and no way to zip around the globe within a day or so. Such a massive collection of aircraft, war planes, helicopters and spacecraft has been assembled in California that you could visit a different flight museum every other weekend and it would take you an entire year to see all of them!

While most of us lack the personal connection with military aircraft, for instance, we actually pay for these vehicles with our taxes. Military spending is one of the largest budget items we support as taxpayers. Don’t you want to see what you are paying for? You work so hard for it! Most of the collections showcase older military vehicles though there are some contemporary aircraft exhibits and newer planes, especially at the Air Force base exhibits and museum.

For those interested in the eclectic and cultural side of flying, right next to LAX you can see uniforms that stewardesses and airplane pilots wore during the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Flight Path Learning Center Museum includes items from now defunct commercial airlines such as TWA and PanAm, stir sticks, freebies they used to give to passengers, and more!


  • ALAMEDA  Alameda Naval Air Museum,
  • ATWATER  Castle Air Museum,
  • CAMARILLO  Commemorative Air Force, SoCal Wing,
  • CHINO  Planes of Fame
  • CHINO  Yanks Air Museum
  • FAIRFIELD  Travis AF Base Jimmy Doolittle Air and Space Museum
  • LANCASTER  Edwards AF Base Air Force Flight Test Center Museum
  • LOS ANGELES  Flight Path Learning Center Museum
  • McCLELLAN Aerospace Museum
  • OAKLAND  Oakland Aviation Museum
  • PALM SPRINGS  Palm Springs Air Museum
  • RAMONA  Classic Motors Museum
  • RIVERSIDE  March Air Field Museum
  • SAN CARLOS Hiller Aviation Museum
  • SAN DIEGO  Air & Space Museum
  • SAN DIEGO  California Flight Museum
  • SANTA MONICA  Museum of Flying
  • SANTA ROSA Pacific Coast Air Museum
  • TORRANCE  Western Museum of Flight
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