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Greasy Fair Food 2015

Published on: July 16, 2015


This weekend there are a handful of fairs up and down the state offering old-fashioned fun. If you’re an avid fair-goer you’ll know that some us can’t get our fair fix. There’s always something new in the way of rides, shows and food. We checked out the weekend schedules at fairs throughout California and found a few highlights:

  • ORANGE COUNTY FAIR: 2nd largest fair last year by attendance opens Friday, July 17, 2015 with first hour admission and parking free. New foods from vendors: Caliente Curly Fry,  Chocolate-Covered Pork Rinds, Churlato- Gelato sandwiched between a churro bun, Cinnamon Roll Sundae, Kool-Aid infused pickle, Cream Cheese On a Stick, Fried Avocado Taco, Fried Birthday Cake, Deep-Fried Corn on the Cob, Totally Fried Peanut Butter Pickle, Deep-Fried Pizza, Deep-Fried Slim Fast, Deep-Fried Coffee (pictured), Fireball Donut infused with Fireball Whisky, Frosted Flake Chicken Fingers, Funnel Cake Burger (pictured), and Wasabi Bacon Bombs
  • CALIFORNIA STATE FAIR: Global Winter Wonderland Dragon Lantern, Gospel Fest July 18, Oakland Raiders and Horse Betting 101
  • SANTA BARBARA COUNTY FAIR: Wild Turkey Stampede, Destruction Derby, Kids Pedal Tractor Show, Frog Hopping Contest
  • STANISLAUS COUNTY FAIR: Hand Milking Contest, Monster Truck, Tuff Truck Racing & Lawn Mower Races
  • LASSEN COUNTY FAIR: Funnel Cake Eating and Watermelon Eating Contests
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