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Images of America: CALAVERAS BIG TREES

Published on: October 07, 2019


More than 250,000 tourists check out Calaveras Big Trees State Historic Park each year. A book, Images of America: CALAVERAS BIG TREES, by Carol Kramer & Calaveras Big Trees Association, details many of the people who saved the trees and created the state park.

Today you can visit this incredible attraction and see the Discovery Stump,  the remains of Discovery Tree which was purposefully cut down in 1853 to be taken on tour for the world to see. The Giant Sequoia measured 24 feet in diameter at its base, was 363 feet tall, and was determined by ring count to be 1,244 years old when felled.

“They’re known as redwoods because of their reddish bark colors,” writes Historian Carol Kramer. “You’re able to walk the quiet trails among these giants & marvel at their immense beauty because of countless individuals, who worked tirelessly to ensure they would be here for people to enjoy for generations to come.”

There are all sorts of interesting black and white photographs and tidbits in this Arcadia Publishers book that reviewer Craig MacDonald highly recommends for not only its spectacular pictures but documentation of the unbelievable effort it took to save the big trees from being cut down. Read the review…>

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