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Is Disneyland Crack Down Tied To Mark of the Beast Technology?

Published on: January 09, 2013


Disney just unveiled their MagicBand “mark of the beast” tracking bracelets this week, exactly at the same time they’ve begun photographing guests who enter the park using multi-day passes.

When Disneyland and Disney California Adventure began photographing visitors who use multi-day passes to the “Happiest Place on Earth” this week, sceptics were not surprised. They believe this move is setting the stage for visitors to more readily accept what’s described as “mark of the beast” technology Disney Company has spent perhaps $1 billion to develop (price tag is undisclosed). RFID technology has been rolled out on Disney cruise ships, in Florida Disney theme parks and in employee costumes to track them around the park. The technology which has been used for pet chipping & tracking requires FCC approval because of its communication capabilities such as storing personal information on a small chip that requires scanning devices to read and decipher that info. Theme park admission, VIP experiences, passage into a hotel room, and even the right to purchase food at the park, can all be contained an a very small computer chip.

Such information can also be accessed by stalkers, molesters, murderers and creeps to track unwitting individuals, especially children, according to Katherine Albrecht (, who is boycotting Disneyland and has called on more than 10 million Coast to Coast AM listeners to do the same. Albrecht, a privacy advocate, believes Disney’s new technology application is conditioning humans to accept the chip, ultimately fulfilling biblical prophecy which foretells of a day in which men and women will be required to have a number or mark to buy or sell food and other necessities.

According to a Disney spokesperson, Disneyland is taking photos of guests to crack down on Anaheim businesses that buy multi-day park passes and then sell them to visitors for individual days. Several Anaheim businesses have allegedly been buying multi-day passes and leasing them at a discounted rate that still netted them a profit. Also driven by profit, Disney Company is betting that its new technology will pay off and visitors will readily exchange their personal information for an enhanced experience at the Magic Kingdom, which recently unveiled new rides and attractions such as Cars Land.

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