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Quirky Places to Tie the Knot

Published on: January 16, 2012

As Valentine’s Day approaches and PBS broadcasts a slew of shows about animal mating habits, it’s time to take an irreverent look at the crazy side of love. The number one place people get married is in a church. In California ocean vistas, mountain valleys, beaches and state parks are popular wedding venues for those who throw caution to the wind and don’t mind if their environment isn’t under control 100%.

There are some really wild & crazy people who get married in unusual places in California. Here are a few:

  • At a nudist resort in Palm Desert. We’re not saying if they were male & female, but the couple decided to bare more than their hearts & souls when they got hitched with no clothes!
  • 99 Cent Store – back in 2009, nine couples were married in one of the cheesy aisles of the 99 Cent discount store, using paper plates, plastic forks and other products available in the store for their wedding.
  • On a Ferris wheel – one of the California fairs was looking for a gimmick to get media attention and of course, there was a couple willing to get married while riding the Ferris wheel. Talk about your head spinning with excitement!
  • Walmart weddings have taken place in California. Talk about practical–and cheap!
  • Alcatraz. A travel company used to offer wedding packages for couples to escape to Alcatraz to get married. The bride & groom both get a big “rock” and once you’re hitched, there’s no escape!

More crazy weddings in California include horse stables and horse trails, skydiving ceremonies, scuba diving underwater ceremonies and even a trash dump!


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