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California Sand Castle Time

Published on: June 06, 2016


Pictured is a sand sculpture at a beach festival in California

This weekend the popular Alameda Sand Castle and Sculpture Contest at Robert Crown Memorial State Beach invites youngsters and adults to get creative, taking grains of sand and turning them into objects filled with meaning. To build taller, better sculptures traditional formulas prescribed approx. 12.5% water (1 bucket of water for 8 buckets of sand.) New research revises the amount of liquid to 1%. Put together a toolkit and you’ll be good to go!

  • 5-gallon bucket for transporting water
  • Another 5-gallon bucket with buttom cut out for building towers
  • Shovel for transporting sand

Available at Dollar Tree and discount stores:

  • Spray bottle for water spraying
  • Trowels
  • Spatulas for shaping, carving
  • Melon baller for cutting away sand
  • Paintbrushes  for cleaning & shaping
  • Straws for blowing loose sand


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