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Published on: October 09, 2017



Actors are taught from the beginning of their careers how to scream correctly, devoid of psychological attachment.

  • A scream is a loud vocalization in which air is passed through the vocal folds with greater force than is used in regular or close-distance vocalization.
  • A scream can be performed by any creature possessing lungs, including humans.
  • Female monkeys scream during sex around 86% of times, encouraging partner performance.
  • The Scream paintings by artist Edvard Munch show a figure with an agonized expression against a landscape of a tumultuous orange sky. In 2012 Sotheby’s sold one of the paintings forĀ  $120 million at auction.
  • Rock, punk rock and heavy metal musicians employ screaming as part of their delivery.
  • Theme parks measure thrill-ride success by visitor screams.


  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show is on the silver screen in these cities: Encinitas, Albany, Modesto, Pittsburg, Long Beach, Livermore, Petaluma, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, West Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and San Diego. Some screenings include shadow actors on stage.
  • Rocky Horror Picture musical stage productions are taking place in San Francisco and Sacramento.
  • Screamfest, October 10-19, 2017 in Los Angeles, is the largest and longest running scream festival in the U.S.
  • ZedFest Zombie Film FestivalĀ  takes place October 31-November 3, 2017 in North Hollywood.
  • Sacramento Horror Film Festival hosts events such as Sinister Creature Con October 14-15. It’s a horror lover’s paradise!
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