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See California Giants of Redwood Country

Published on: June 08, 2012

California is about living life large.  It is the Land of Giants! Some giants are illusive, however, reportedly living in the  world’s tallest, giant trees that surround them. Once each year the town of Willow Creek celebrates these giants with a Bigfoot Festival and Parade on Labor Day Weekend (September 1-3, 2012). Throughout the year you can visit the Willow Creek Bigfoot Center and see displays or take pictures of yourself in front of the Bigfoot Statue. According to the Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce, there have been over 50 sightings by reliable people since 1960. Out of respect to the legend of Bigfoot, the community of Willow Creek has erected a large Bigfoot statue in the heart of town. Willow Creek is known as the Gateway to Bigfoot Country.

Another giant steeped in legend is Paul Bunyan and & his Blue Ox, Babe. Directly in the center of the Redwood National and State Parks at Trees of Mystery you can see statues of and take a tram ride through some of the world’s tallest trees. If you’re feeling like an ant, small and insignficant, California’s redwood giants will boost your spirit and inspire you, guaranteed!

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