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Sunset Beach – Just Said NO to Fireworks

Published on: July 02, 2012

Sunset Beach, a beach town of around 1,200 people, says  NO fireworks allowed.  When the town of Sunset Beach was annexed by neighboring Huntington Beach in 2011, some residents said “NO”. There is currently a lawsuit by members of the community to fight annexation.   By all legal standards, Sunset Beach is now owned by Huntington Beach.

And when Huntington Beach decided to legalize fireworks in 2012, Sunset Beach said NO once again. Just last year several houses on the beach burned down when a fire erupted from a BBQ grill at a rental house. This time around, Sunset Beach was granted its wish and will NOT have fireworks, even though Huntington Beach has legalized them after decades of NO fireworks for its residents.  The little beach town of Sunset Beach is a great vacation spot with some vacation rentals and hotels such as Travelodge on the beach. When you stay there, watch your BBQ and don’t bring fireworks!

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