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Battle of the Surfing Santas – San Diego VS Santa Cruz

Published on: November 18, 2012

Both Santa Cruz and San Diego fudge a little when they proclaim that Surfing Santa has arrived in town to meet the good  girls and boys! As the battle for  Surf City bragging rights wages on with “winner takes all”, neither Santa Cruz’s Capitola Beach nor San Diego’s Seaport Village can honestly say that Santa Claus surfed into town. In both instances, he arrives  by boat, with his helper elves steering him into shore. Regardless of his preferred method of travel, Santa wears beach attire befitting the Big Kahuna that he is.  Santa’s arrival in San Diego (shown in photo) happens on November 24, 2012, 1-5 p.m., see for details. In Capitola Surfing Santa arrives at Main Beach in Capitola Village on November 24 at Noon. See for details.

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