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The New Cool Places to Live in California

Published on: January 24, 2013


Pictured is Livermore, the nation’s #5 most popular place to live in 2013.

Don’t get rid of that land in San Bernardino just yet. The place that once was cool may have fallen from graces recently when it hit rock bottom and declared bankruptcy, but if history proves it to be true, the city will return and become even better than before.   U.S. Top 10 Neighborhoods are the “in” places to live, but for those who lived in them previously, you may remember when they weren’t quite so magnificent.  California earned 8 out of 10 of the most desirable up & coming places to live for 2013 on Redfin’s list. Among them are neighborhoods in L.A. such as Eagle Rock, San Jose’s Willow Glen, and Mira Mesa in San Diego.  Remember the saying that you should be kind to those you meet going up the corporate ladder, as you’ll see the same people going down it one day? Well the same is true of neighborhoods.  Here’s one example: California’s Central Valley gets the least respect but is predicted to become the fastest growing residential area in the state in upcoming years.

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