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Trunk Shows are a Treat

Published on: October 07, 2018


The word TRUNK has many meanings ranging from a portion of an elephant’s anatomy to men’s swimwear or underwear garments. The most beloved TRUNK in the Fall is the one in which adults decorate the storage compartments (usually in the rear) of their vehicles and show them off. These displays are eye candy for events in which parents take their kiddies from car to car to collect Halloween treats.

Halloween Trunk or Treats

While there are likely dozens or maybe hundreds of trunk or treats in California, we’ve managed to round up 20 at!

You can also see decorated trunks at Day of the Dead celebrations such as Oceanside’s annual Dia de Los Muertos at Mission San Luis Rey.

Trunks in the form of luggage were the first car trunks. Even before automobiles, stagecoaches traveled with trunks attached. When car designers realized you could make a vehicle with enclosed storage space built right in, the car trunk took on a whole new meaning!

Car trunks have long served as a staple for transporting stuff ranging from family vacation gear to vendor merchandise. Sales people discovered a great way to showcase products carried in their trunks — Trunk Shows — hosted events held at stores, hotels and meeting spaces.

A store in Tahoe City, Calif. is actually called Trunk Show! Owner Jaclyn Woznicki says after years of lugging her jewelry designs in old suitcases and trunks to art shows and markets, she opened Trunk Show as a hub for artists.

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