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Vinyl Record Resurgence

Published on: November 13, 2015


Pictured: The Record Parlour ( in Hollywood has over 50,000 vinyl records, vintage stereo gear and music memorabilia.

For those who once agonized trying to find homes for prized vinyl records that became obsolete with the advent of digital, maybe you should have hung onto them. Sells of vinyl records are booming, now comprising close to 10% of new music purchases. While other forms of music sales are trending downward, record sales are increasing!

What’s Up

  • Best Buy has created an online vinyl record shop.
  • Unable to meet demand, the nation’s largest vinyl plant, United Record Pressing, added 16 vinyl presses to its lineup of 30 in its Nashville factory.
  • Today’s recording artists can solicit crowdfunding to do small-batch vinyl pressing.
  • 50% of vinyl record buyers are under the age of 25.
  • Buyers are looking for tangible products — album covers they can open up and records that produce vintage sounds.
  • The largest record store in the world, Amoeba Music ( is based in California with locations in Berkeley, San Francisco and Hollywood.
  • Top selling albums include Taylor Swift’s 1989; Sufjan Stevens’ Carrie & Lowell; The Arctic Monkeys’ AM; Alabama Shakes’ Sound & Color; and Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue.
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